LEXINGTON is a premium brand that embodies the classic New England lifestyle.


With high-quality bed and table linen, hand towels, bathroom and interior accessories, the LEXINGTON Home Collection provides a holistic home textiles design concept for modern living. Seasonal shades meet classic colours in a variety of styles and materials – the LEXINGTON products are perfectly coordinated.


Founded by CEO and Creative Director Kristina Lindhe in 1997, the Swedish lifestyle brand based in Stockholm epitomises the classic US East Coast style. High standards for design, quality and details are what give the LEXINGTON products their unmistakable look.


LEXINGTON city is located at the heart of New England in the USA - a truly beautiful small city full of New England tradition.


Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday: LEXINGTON presents four annual collections devoted to trends and colours from the world of fashion.


Lexington is a lifestyle brand.


The Lexington Story


Lexington was founded in 1997. The idea from the very first was to create an international home brand in the style of New England. The design was and is very inspired by that geographic area, but of course, as Swedes, we are also influenced by Scandinavian style.

There are a lot of connections between the two regions, not very obvious at first. When I did research in archives, I saw the connections in older handicraft items and the similarity with old embroideries. Most important is perhaps the ticking stripes, in herringbone fabric, which was very typical for the New England area, but also the most common fabric in old Swedish bolsters’ fabric.


My personal fondness for the American East Coast style is influenced by the architecture, the landscape and the friendly atmosphere. The colors are also very important: I love the gray cedar tree houses, but also the white painted houses, with their porches, shutters and white painted details. Together with our Scandinavian needs for light, that design comes out in a very concrete way for me, as does the necessary presence of white as color, which created the first ideas for Lexington’s design concept.


The first product group in our assortment was bedding. I couldn’t find the kind of sheets that I longed for, ones which feel fresh and newly washed every evening, and become better and better year after year. The idea was to manufacture bedding from shirt fabrics. Everyone is familiar with the feeling of a comfortable shirt, made of good quality fabrics and with a nice fit. It is easy to really feel the difference between a good shirt and a shirt of poor quality. The idea was to carry over this sense of luxury to bedding. You spend one third of your life in bed, so why not do it in beautiful bedding?


So we started to develop qualities for sheets inspired from shirts. The result was a collection of oxford cotton, poplin cotton and flannel cotton, in very clean, easy designs, with yarn-dyed stripes and checks. Later on we added more traditional bedding qualities like sateen in the assortment, but my personal favorite is still the poplin! So fresh, so soft and so crisp.


A detail worth noticing is our rubber buttons. They are mangle-durable and are a significant detail for Lexington bedding. The buttons were developed from the very beginning, and still are an important design and functional detail.



Back to the story, our next step was to develop terry towels, which was followed by Lexington Living, out table top collection. Then we continued with Lexington Baby, Lexington Details (dinner ware, glassware, flatware) and more. Today the product range is quite big, and includes a lot of products.


Seasons are extremely important for me. As we come from a country with very clear difference between the seasons, which is also something very significant for the New England area, it was kind of obvious. As we also create fashion for the home, different seasonal collections for Lexington make sense. It also gives the decorator or the consumer an opportunity to easily create a different atmosphere with small efforts, which I personally follow in my own home.


Lexington sells different Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday collections. You don’t have to buy new furniture, you can just add a new decoration pillow and a throw and immediately you have a new room for a new season!


As creative director of a lifestyle brand, you love to work with all your ideas for your brand. And I love fashion! The Lexington Clothing line launched 2008. The idea was in my mind much longer, but it took some years before we were ready to do it. As we always have been using models in our marketing campaigns, people assumed that we already had a fashion line much earlier. They asked as, not if they could buy, more where they could find it. Of course that was a challenge that we really couldn ́t resist. We already had our own style, developed from the props that we coordinated for the campaigns and that style was the origin of collection. That was how the first season of Lexington Clothing was born.


Since 1997, when we started, we have seen our brand grow from one new market to another, and from one continent to another. That is a fantastic feeling, when you see people from different places in the world who like your products. You never know whom you going to meet next, and what their life is like. I know for sure that our style is appreciated in different parts of the world today. We have proved that the Lexington concept is strong and I am so deeply proud.


Kristina Lindhe

Creative Director, founder and CEO

The Lexington Clothing Company

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