When I first set foot in the Lexington booth in January 2017 at the Paris exhibiton fair, I could not possibly imagine what this would lead to.


Born in Israel, in a town on the Mediterranean coast, I grew up in a very creative family. My mother’s artistry of ceramics, weaving and jewelry making and the long-standing flower shop of my parents shaped my childhood. Therefore it made sense that I earned a bachelor’s degree in textile design (Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Tel Aviv). My love for textiles, colours, ceramics and of course the sea connects me with the Lexington brand and founder Kristina Lindhe’s story.


I am delighted to open the first and sole Lexington flagship store in Switzerland! Get inspired and count on the finest quality and design. I am looking forward to your visit.


Irit Widmer-Zabar

Founder of Lieblingssachen since 2010

Owner of Lexington Zurich since 2018